We have trainers with interest and experience in many geographical areas of the world who can provide the following kinds of training:
  • A one or two day workshop on a desired topic.
  • A five-day training as an introduction to family therapy history, philosophy, models, and the founders of the field, using didactic, video, role-play and experiential presentations.
  • Formal family therapy training. IFTT can plan, structure and deliver family therapy training over a period of one to four years. This could include theoretical and supervised practical experience in family therapy.
  • Groups seeking training in their locale can select trainers from the Faculty list of Traveling Trainers. Qualifications of Traveling Trainers include:
  • Membership in IFTT
  • Terminal degree in their fields
  • Minimum 5 years experience as family therapy trainers, and experience in conducting training in at least 2 countries other than their own.

  • Who can train to be a Family Therapist?

    Students of Family Therapy come from many fields such as social workers, pastoral counselors, psychologists, family doctors, traditional healers, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, and humanitarian crisis workers. Everyone involved in the relief of emotional and psychological suffering and interested in working with families is a good candidate for training.